Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Success Stories

Below is a partial list of Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Data Collection Success Stories that I.C. International has conducted for our clients:

  • Phone recruited Orthopedic Surgeons, Surgical Oncologists, General Surgeons, and OB/GYNs who treat patients with soft-tissue sarcom as for thirty minute Tele-Depths.
  • Conducted I D I s with Cardiologists K OL s in E U 5 . Our responsibilities included: securing facilities, recruitment, translations and tran­scriptions.
  • Phone recruited Pediatric Endocrinologists to recruit parent and child for children that suffer from Growth Hormone Deficiency and are currently on a Growth Hormone therapy treatment.
  • Phone recruited Veterinary Ophthalmologists for F Groups and IDI’s at Annual Conference regarding surgery and animal care.
  • Phone recruit, conducted a brief phone interview, and then conducted IDI’s with Oncologists.
  • Phone recruited insomnia patients to a bulletin board to discuss various products in the marketplace to treat their condition.  We also provided moderator and managed the bulletin board.
  • Phone recruited Pharmacy Directors, Clinical Pharmacists, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons (OB/GYN, General & Orthopedic) for forty ­minute IDI regarding post-operative pain management.
  • Phone recruited and conducted sixty minute IDI with Hospital Based Neurologists, Office Based Neurologists, Nuclear Medicine Spe­cialist, Neuro-Radiologists, Old Age Psychiatrists and Geriatricians. This study was regarding Alzheimer’ s.
  • • Phone recruited PCPs, General Pediatricians, Allergists and Immunologists for Web Survey Pretest using streaming video – this enables our client to view doctors’ reactions to web survey in real time and make adjustments to survey if needed. We also hosted and programmed the thirty -minute survey and recruited to supplement client-supplied list. The study was regarding Allergic Rhinitis.
  • Conducted a Global CATI Study, in four countries, with a low incidence population, Diabetics, to test Awareness and Usage.
  • Conducted Tele-Depths with Oncologists in the U S, E U 5, Brazil, China and India with General Surgeons. Our responsibility included recruitment, translations and transcriptions.
  • Conducted a forty –five minute Global Web Survey with Oncologists in the U S and the EU 5 and Japan. Our responsibilities included recruiting, programming and hosting.
  • Conducted an online HIV study with seven different quota groups, including: Infectious Disease physicians, Physician Assistants, HIV /AIDS Case Managers, HIV /AIDS Social Workers, Peer Educators, Undiagnosed HIV Patients and Diagnosed Patients who were currently seeing a physician, but were not currently receiving treatment. Due to the complex nature of the study ,we utilized multi­ple recruitment sources, including -online panel, associations, advertising, contacting ASO ( Aids Service Organizations) , networking and contacting academic institutions. All quotas were met in the field period and we exceeded the goals for the patients, which provided the client with a more robust readable sample size.
  • Conducted a study with patients who have an Ostomy ( this is less than 1 % of the general population) and the nurses who care for them . The study was completed in nine countries simultaneously utilizing multiple recruitment approaches ( including developing rela­tionships with relevant patient associations) that best fit each country , while all data was collected on our platform . We were involved from the conception of the study advising the client on the salient details for all countries.

Our Approach to Quality

I.C. International realizes that quality, actionable data is vital to the analysis, presentation and the subsequent decisions made based on the data we deliver.

Therefore quality is much more than a word to us, it is a tangible commitment, and that is why we instituted our QAP (Quality Assurance Program).  It is a checklist we use for our quality controls to ensure excellence on a per project basis.  This provides the proper communication regarding each team member’s responsibilities and that no steps in the process are missed.

Here is an overview of our QAP:

  • Thorough, accurate testing of your questionnaire and suggestions provide based on our testing
  • Briefing by Business Development Executive and Project Manager for all I.C. International employees involved in the project
  • Detailed daily status reports
  • Immediate notification of any anomalies or problems
  • On-time completion of all studies
  • Data delivered however you prefer