I.C. Technology

Please click on the appropriate links for CATI, online survey solutions and biometric eye tracking for detailed information regarding their technical details.

Commitment To Technology

The correct technology for the appropriate methodology.

At I.C. International, we offer all methodologies for our clients; this ensures they have access to the most effective ones depending on the audience and country where the interviews are being conducted.

Our data-collection hardware and software are constantly updated to ensure we are on the forefront of technology within our industry. We offer the latest in computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) and online survey solutions for our clients whether the respondents are located in the United States or internationally.  We are also able to offer a multi-mode approach to harness the power of both CATI and online for respondents who require this flexibility.

We also offer the latest, non-invasive biometric eye tracking technology to explore how consumers interact with advertising, usability testing and web design or even retail shopping environments.