Biometric Eye Tracking

Biometric Eye Tracking

I.C. International is dedicated to solving difficult market research objectives. Our Biometric Eye Tracking records all eye movement 50 times per second. In addition the Biometric Eye Tracking software records the Biometric changes within the eye. Utilizing algorithms built into the software we can inform you if your stimuli have caused an Emotional Activation within the respondent. This Emotional Activation is key to understanding what drives your respondent to purchase your products.  Our Biometric Eye Tracking is the least invasive method for measuring Emotional Activation with respondents. Respondents simply look at the static images on a specially designed monitor and the software completes the test in 10 seconds or less with a 95% level of confidence.

Biometric Eye Tracking

Biometric eye tracking is a quick, efficient way of finding out what consumers are really looking at when viewing your packaging, shelf space layout or ads? Are they having a benefits or branding moment? Is there an emotional response to your concept or product? All of this can be answered quickly and confidently with biometric eye tracking.

I.C. uses only iMotions software and Tobii hardware technology.

With its breakthrough non-invasive Biometric Eye Tracking software by iMotions accurately records consumer’s pre-cognitive behaviors, providing Fortune 100 companies with an unprecedented level of consumer insight. I.C. International leverages the latest advances in Biometric Eye Tracking to measure Emotional Activation, the primary driver of behavior and recall.

The best non-invasive Biometric testing process.

Our Biometric Eye Tracking relies on five infrared sensors built into the specially designed monitor instead of the awkward and distracting head gear or body vests associated with our competition. The respondent does not wear any hardware or wires with our Biometric Eye Tracking. The more natural the participants feels, the more accurate the data.

Why do we care about Emotions?

Understanding Emotions

Applications for biometric eye tracking include:

  • Print Advertising
  • Package / Concept Testing
  • Shelf sets
  • Descriptive Written Evaluations
  • Web site Evaluations